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Aroma Stone Diffuser Set
Aroma Stone Diffuser Set
Aroma Stone Diffuser Set
Aroma Stone Diffuser Set


Aroma Stone Diffuser Set

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Enjoy your favourite aromas with these handmade diffuser stones! These dusty pink heart diffuser stones make great gifts, wedding favours, or a valentine’s day present for your love one.

These diffuser stones are made from gypsum cement which quickly absorbs the essential oil and slowly releases of aroma over time.

Simply place the stones into the stone holder and spray your favourite fragrance or add a few drops of your preferred essential oil onto the stone then spray on some water to expand the fragrance. Top up a few more drops of oil each time when the aroma diffuses (around 2-5 hours depends on the oil you use and the space of the room). Display them in your favorite spots, it can be the nightstand, dressing table in the bedroom, coffee table in the living room, or bathroom. Works best for small areas.

- This listing is for a bag of stones in dusty pink and a orbit stones holder bowl in muted grey. (Essential oil not included.)
- A bag of stones holds range of different sized stones that can fill up the bowl which weighs around 120 gram.
- Orbit stone holder bowl has a small nuzzle at the bottom which can be used as a incense holder. It is not recommended to use diffusor stones and incense at the same time as the ashes will fall onto the bowl and stain the stones.
- The holder measures 9.5cm L x 9.5cm W x 5cm H
- Please note some essential oils may leave stains on the stones.

Please note that the concrete finish may have some natural holes and inconsistent textures. We believe It’s what makes them look one of a kind with natural pores and sparkles. Patterns are also random and will look different from the photos.

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